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Helsinki, Finland


Roihu Roihu teema keittiö

In a Lively
Hub of Business

Welcome to Roihu – a space that’s alive.

Ruoholahden Roihu takes your thoughts to a place where creative thinking and technological expertise create new energy and innovation. Welcome to Roihu – a space that’s alive.

Total Area 15,600 m²
Year of construction 1986
Helsinki Central Station 2 km
Helsinki Airport 20 km

Looking for High-Quality Space?

Roihu is an impressive location for businesses looking for high-quality space that can be customized to their needs and wishes.

Originally completed in 1986, the building is a recognizable landmark at the Länsiväylä junction, the most prominent location in Ruoholahti, a seaside district known for its international atmosphere.

The location takes your thoughts to a place where creative thinking and technological expertise create new energy and innovation.

Before & After

Roihu JO 6 Before 1 Roihu JO 6 After 1
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Premises Customized to your Specific Needs

We can provide you with business premises where the spatial solutions and materials are carefully designed to match your business needs and visual brand identity. Our renovation projects are always carried out by industry-leading professionals. We use state-of-the-art technology to modernize the premises to suit today’s needs.

Your needs and wishes are the most important aspect of the project!

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Sports and Sauna

Roihu provides excellent opportunities for thriving business and ensuring the comprehensive well-being of employees. The building has extensive exercise and recreation facilities, including a sauna section, as well as an indoor gymnasium for ball and racquet sports. There are also many opportunities for sports and outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity. Served by excellent transport links, Roihu is a lively place that makes commuting easy and attracts people even after the day’s work is done.

Roihu JO 1

Excellent Location - Public Transport Only a few Minutes Away

Roihu’s location at the Länsiväylä junction makes it very easy to commute within Helsinki and outside of the city, both by private car and public transport. International connections are also easily accessible, with the airport being only 20 kilometers away.

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Genesta Green Lease - Supports your Company’s Sustainability Goals

As a tenant at Roihu, you can sign the Genesta Green Lease that supports your company’s corporate responsibility objectives. Our criteria help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. Are you interested in the Genesta Green Lease?

Reasons to rent

Roihu 1

Nr. 01 An impressive headquarters-level building completed in the 1980s.

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Nr. 02 Located in Ruoholahti, a business district served by excellent transport links

Roihu Roihu teema työtila square

Nr. 03 Each floor is fully customizable according to your needs and wishes

Roihu Roihu teema lounge square

Nr. 04 The building’s spacious floors of approximately 1,800 square meters each can be freely divided and combined.

Our Standard Sustainability Measures


We aim to certify most of our properties to verify the environmental performance and sustainable management practices.

On-site renewables
On-site renewables

When feasible, we invest into on-site renewable energy production and offer our tenants a possibility to buy onsite renewable energy.


Our properties are equipped with bicycle parking, fixing stand and changing facilities to enable sustainable commuting and healthy lifestyle.

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency

We invest into energy efficiency improvements such as LED lighting, building automation and efficient HVAC systems. In order to minimize our carbon footprint we use green electricity in all our properties.


Our properties offer extensive recycling opportunities.

Water saving
Water saving

We always renovate our properties with water saving equipment.

car-charging E-car
car-charging E-car

Our properties are equipped with e-car charging possibility to enable sustainable commuting.

Your Neighbourhood

Porkkalankatu 3, Helsinki

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Helsinki, Finland

Roihun uudet hyvinvointitilat ja uusi varausjärjestelmä on otettu ilolla vastaan

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