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Transforming Properties


Making Existing Buildings more Energy Efficient

In January 2022, we acquired Zinko, an office property located in central Stockholm. With a circular approach guiding the refurbishment, Zinko will be transformed into a state of the art office building.
Originally built in the 1950s and extended in the 1970s, Zinko is a testimony of its time with inefficient technical equipment. The transformation process into a modern office building in line with the EU Taxonomy, the Paris Agreement and the demands for modern properties will require a reduction in energy consumption.
Energy Consumption Reduction
Reducing the energy class from G to C
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To reduce energy consumption, we are currently in the permit process of installing a geothermal energy centre. It would allow us to install geothermal heat with boreholes of nearly 7,500 meters reducing the energy consumption down by nearly 70 %.

The key to longterm energy efficiency is actively monitoring consumption, comparing consumption to KPI and taking action as necessary. Zinko, like other buildings at Genesta, will include a wide-array of smart meters collecting timely data at an appropriate level of granularity. Different stakeholders such as tenants, property managers and maintenance personal will use this data against targets to identify deficiencies and to take action. What is measured is managed!

Refurbishment of windows, renovation of the roofs, and new insulation together with demand-controlled ventilation and new sun shielding will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the property. In addition, already existing solar panels will be further expanded. The combined improvements would make 70-year-old Zinko more energy efficient than what is demanded for new buildings, reducing the energy class from a G to a C.
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Emma Stenlund,
Investment Manager

“We want to visualize energy consumption, heating, cooling, and water for every tenant. If you use a lot of water, that will show.

We hope this will be a reminder and support our tenants in their own journey to limit overuse of resources.”
Change windows to reduce energy loss
Install LED in all Lamps together with sensors

Social Sustainability

Reaching Alignment with the Minimum Safeguards


Starting with Circularity

On-site Energy Production

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