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Enköping Logistikcenter

Largest Roof Top Installation
of Solar Panels in Sweden

In the Swedish city of Enköping, located 70 km west of central Stockholm we are developing a modern logistics property. The location will enable transport to reach 38 Swedish towns within 1,5 hour. The building is constructed according to BREEAM-SE, level Excellent, and is planned to be EU Taxonomy aligned. The property will feature a large solar installation on the roof.
We are currently constructing a 2 MWh solar installation, but investigations are on-going to expand the installation to 6,7 MWh. If we succeed in our ambition this will be one of the largest roof top installation in Sweden and the building will be a net energy provider to the grid.
MWh Solar Panel Installation
Swedish cities within 1.5 hour
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Alfons Rosendahl Jagut
Investment Manager,
Enköping Logistikcenter

"On-site energy production is a priority and a part of our business plans. We make feasibility studies for renewable energy installations in all our properties. This approach alignes with our commitment and contrubute to a more sustainable future."
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