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Starting with Circularity

Circular Business Model

Starting with Circularity

We know that the use of new materials in construction and real estate significantly contributes to industry emissions. To reduce our own environmental impact, we are committed to implementing a more circular business model. Our primary objective is to explore the extent to which we can repurpose existing materials when refurbishing our buildings. As beginners on this journey, we are currently investigating the possibilities within two of our properties.

Zinko: Redefining Office Space in Central Stockholm

Our office property Zinko, located in central Stockholm, is set to undergo extensive refurbishment to meet the demands of modern businesses and attract new tenants. Throughout this process, we are guided by a circular approach. To better understand the potential for material reuse within the building, we have conducted a comprehensive recycling inventory.

We anticipate reusing a substantial amount of materials, particularly in categories such as ventilation, cable ladders, and other installation components that are not visible to tenants. By adopting this approach, we can minimize waste and extract value from existing resources. However, one of the significant challenges we face when embracing circularity is storing materials during the construction phase. For Zinko, we have devised an innovative solution: our initial focus will be on technical spaces, façade, windows, and elevators, which will provide us with opportunities to store materials within the building itself.
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PUBLIC: Transforming Office Spaces in Copenhagen

In 2021, we acquired Public, an office property located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Taking a proactive approach towards sustainability, we initiated an extensive refurbishment project in 2022, with a strong emphasis on reusing materials whenever possible. By doing so, we aim to minimize waste and maximize the value derived from existing resources.

As part of this initiative, we have chosen to test most of the ventilation system at an external production facility. This allows us to repurpose the existing installations rather than purchasing new ones. Additionally, any materials that cannot be reused within Public, such as industrial kitchen facilities, old cabinets from the previous lab, and even the old hardwood floors, will be carefully demounted and sold for reuse.

At Genesta, we firmly believe that early preparations and well-informed decisions will enable us to achieve circularity without incurring additional costs compared to using new materials. This approach challenges the conventional belief that circular practices are necessarily more expensive. We are committed to driving positive change in the industry,
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Anders Rauge
Construction and Technical Management Long-term Strategic Fund Consultant

“Our initiavtives towards circularity is driven by the understanding that construction materials have significant negative impact on the environment, and it is our responsibility to minimise it. Through the 4 R-priciple, refuce, reduce, reuse and recycle, we strive to reduce waste from our building operations and pave the way for a more sustainable future.”




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