Genesta Asset in Finland Awarded BREEAM-In-Use Certificate

Helsinki, Finland 03/04/14

Genesta is delighted to announce that its building at Vilhonvuori 11, in Finland’s capital Helsinki, has been awarded a BREEAM-In-Use ‘Good’ level both in terms of asset and management.

One step towards our sustainability goals

“Sustainability for Genesta is a natural and long-term responsibility. Our ambition is to be a leading and innovative driving force within our industry operating from a strong position that makes it possible to create real impact when it comes to sustainability. We believe that by accomplishing sustainability in environmental issues creates long-term, sustainable business opportunities. One of our objectives is to reduce the environmental footprint by improving the energy efficiency of, and decreasing the environmental impacts from our properties. We take great pride in being awarded the BREEAM-In-Use Certificate for Vilhonvuori 11, which is part of GNBRE’s larger sustainability efforts.” David Neil, CEO, Genesta Property Nordic.


BREEAM sets the global standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognized measures of a building's environmental performance.

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