Enköping Logistikcenter: A Spectacular Lunch to Celebrate Progress

Enköping, Sweden 05/07/23
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In mid-June, Genesta invited to a topping-out ceremony to celebrate a significant milestone in the construction of our 80,000 square meter warehouse and logistics property, Enköping Logistikcenter.

With the roof in place and the building sealed, we wanted to honor the 120 construction workers who made this achievement possible. The event provided an extra ordinary experience. A food truck was brought in, and a world-class acrobat performed breathtaking aerial stunts, hanging from the ceiling. The show was spectacular in the raw space, boasting an impressive 12-meter ceiling height.
Site Manager Joakim Henriksson from Logistic Contractor and Genesta's CEO David Neil delivered speeches to express gratitude to everyone involved. It was a delightful moment where we had the opportunity to show our appreciation for the work that had been accomplished.
Now, we eagerly look forward to the next milestones in the construction of this large and exciting property!
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