Johanna Jansson

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Johanna Jansson
Company name:
BTH Bygg
Tenant in:
The Block , Sverige
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Three things I love about The Block

  1. My favourite thing about The Block is the light! It comes flowing in from three directions, and I am fortunate to have a view of nature from my desk. At this time of year it’s particularly beautiful as the autumn colours are bursting right outside my window.
  2. I find it very comfortable to have an easy access garage with charging facilities for my electric car. I also enjoy working a short walk from the nearest tube station.
  3. Nothing beats those characteristic 70’s details which are still intact from when the building was constructed. 

Johanna Jansson is responsible for the working environment at BTH Bygg, which is a contractor with 160 employees. Their office is located in Genesta’s property The Block in Solna. Being in charge of the company’s working environment means she spends her days both on-site at the building sites as well as in her office space which has recently been renovated.

–I find that the property itself plays an important role at a workplace. I especially appreciate the brightness of these offices as well as the extensive art collection. Everywhere I look, in every corner and every meeting room, there is an amazing piece of art waiting to be admired.

The Block is located in Huvudsta in Solna, a couple of minutes walk from the metro station. It was purpose built by multinational corporation Shell at the beginning of the seventies as their head office, and its cultural and historical value is undeniable. Today the office block is a grade II listed building due to its classic architecture as well as its location.

On the fifth floor, where BTH Bygg is located, the rooms are bright and newly renovated. The open-plan offices also cater for more private meeting rooms where Johanna can have undisturbed conversations with the employees.

–There is a lovely mix of untreated OBS, also known as flakeboards, on the walls and fitted carpets on the floors. In the ceiling the ventilation canals and structural elements are left exposed for an industrial look. It always puts a smile on my face when guests make positive comments about the feel of our office.

–I‘m also very happy about the location of my workplace. It’s within easy reach of the tube, and I often go for walks by the water at lunchtime. It’s lovely to walk past the riding club on my way to the restaurants and see horses and goats.

Not long ago, a long-awaited café opened on-site as you enter The Block. There’s also an authentic, English pub at the bottom of the building which is immensely popular for both the employees at BTH Bygg as well as the other tenants in the building. Afterwork socialising has never been easier.