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Saltängen 1

Saltängen 1

A Premier
Logistics Property
in Västerås

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Discover Saltängen 1, a premier logistics property located in the heart of Västerås. Spanning an expansive 101,000 square meters, this property offers a prime location and modern facilities designed to meet the needs of forward-looking companies with high demands for sustainability and responsibility.
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In a strategic location, just one hour west of Stockholm, along the Swedish logistics artery, Saltängen 1 provides efficient transportation with exceptional access to motorways via E4.

This property is leased to ICA Real Estate in a 15-year lease agreement. It serves as ICA's central warehouse and plays a pivotal role in the distribution across Sweden.

Genesta is committed to enhancing the sustainability performance of the building. Plans include the installation of solar panels to generate renewable energy on-site and a focus on improving energy efficiency to reduce the property's carbon footprint. The goal is to elevate the BREEAM In-Use certification from 'Very Good' to 'Excellent' and upgrade the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from 'C' to 'B.'
Saltängen 1

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