Juvanmalmi Logistics Centre consists of four heated warehouses and one cold storage facility. The total floor area of these premises is approximately 60,000 m2; there is plenty of room for operations in the yard area surrounding the buildings. The block of land on which the property lies is about 160,000 m2 (16 hectares) in area. The storage facilities of the buildings comprise of one storey, with the necessary office and restroom facilities having been placed mainly on the second floor.

This centre is located within an important logistics belt in the metropolitan area, alongside Kehä III / Ring Road III and near the Vihdintie (Porintie) intersection. The turnoff to Juvan teollisuuskatu is directly from the Kehä III / Ring Road exit when arriving both from the east and the west.

The street connection from the ring road to the logistics centre is straight; there are no traffic lights, bends, overpasses, crossings or intersections likely to experience traffic jams along the distance of 1.2 kilometres.

Anna Pihlajaniemi

Investment Manager

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Property in Detail

Construction Year:
4 buildings.
Only 15 km to
Helsinki Vantaa Airport
60 000 m²
Total Storage Area
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Map of the Property


The Area

Juvanmalmi Logistics Centre is located in the western part of the central logis- tics belt of the metropolitan area, at the city limits between Espoo and Vantaa. Access to the site is via Kehä III / Ring Road III, with drive-through access to Vihdintie (and from there to Pori and Rauma) is being planned.

In addition to the port in the areas adjoining the metropolitan area and the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Juvanmalmi Logistics Centre is optimal in terms of accessibility with respect to traffic passing through the ports of western and south-western Finland.