Arninge Centrum is located 15 kilometers north of Stockholm, in immediate proximity to the E18 by the exit to Vaxholm and Vallentuna. The shopping center is incorporated into a larger retail area consisting of clothes shops, furniture warehouses, electronics, DIY stores, groceries and other purpose built retail options, creating a convenient and smooth shopping experience.

The shopping center will be divided into retail and office spaces where the former will be located on the lower floors, and the latter on the higher floors.

Arninge is part of one of Stockholm's most affluent municipalities, and the area is due to undergo an urbanization process in the coming years. This will involve thousands of new homes as well as a new hub for public transport including buses and Roslagsbanan. Additionally, the selection of retail, services and amenities in the area will increase.

Genesta is planning an extensive renovation of both the interior as well as the exterior of the shopping center.

Elias Söderström

Financial Analyst / Junior Investment Manager

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