What We Do – and why it Matters

Our vision is to make the existing building stock more sustainable

The objective of Genesta’s fund management practices is to achieve strong risk adjusted returns in a sustainable manner. The key elements in reaching this are sound and responsible investment and management processes, and strong governance through the entire lifecycle of an investment.

30% Buildings cause 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
90% We spend almost 90% of our lives in buildings
40% Buildings consume about 40 % of energy
60% Built environment (incl. traffic) consumes 60 % of energy
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Managing Climate Change Related Risks

As a real estate investor, we have a direct impact on the environment through property development and management. Acquiring low performing properties and extending their lifecycle by improving their efficiency and overall condition, we contribute to the targets set in the Paris Climate Agreement for reaching near carbon-neutral built environment and limiting global temperature rise.

Climate change is a real and severe threat affecting our nature and economy. Genesta’s approach to climate change related risk management and value generation process is incorporated into our everyday practices and decision-making processes. We see that an efficient climate change mitigation process is a way for us to generate value whilst reducing risks.

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Sustainable and Efficient Premises

We don’t only offer beautiful and functional spaces – when you move into our building, you can improve the environmental performance of your company – and yourself.

Certified; We aim to certify most of our properties to verify the environmental performance and sustainable management practices.

Please read below for more of our standard sustainability measures.

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Sustainable Landlord

Greenesta, a concept to inspire and enable our tenants to act in a more sustainable way. The word itself describes how we approach sustainability – sustainability is integrated throughout the whole of Genesta. Greenesta means that both Genesta and our tenants commit to work together for better environmental performance.

Our ultimate goal is to offer only green leases in the future. When a tenant signs a lease with us, they sign up to co-operate together with us towards better sustainability performance.

Contact us to sign a green lease with us, available for existing tenants too.

Our Standard Sustainability Measures

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency

We invest into energy efficiency improvements such as LED lighting, building automation and efficient HVAC systems. In order to minimize our carbon footprint we use green electricity in all our properties.

On-site renewables
On-site renewables

When feasible, we invest into on-site renewable energy production and offer our tenants a possibility to buy onsite renewable energy.


We aim to certify most of our properties to verify the environmental performance and sustainable management practices.

car-charging E-car
car-charging E-car

Our properties are equipped with e-car charging possibility to enable sustainable commuting.


Our properties are equipped with bicycle parking, fixing stand and changing facilities to enable sustainable commuting and healthy lifestyle.


Our properties offer extensive recycling opportunities.

Water saving
Water saving

We always renovate our properties with water saving equipment.


ESG Report for 2019

In our Environmental Social and Governance Update we’ve compiled our overall strategic work and achievements during 2019.

Genesta Memberships and Employees' Position of Responsibility