Responsible Leasing of Business Premises

Tuesday 13.12.2016

Genesta supports its customers' sustainability endeavors with the opportunity to choose a Green Lease contract and by encouraging tenants to reduce their energy consumption, recycle, and favor commuting by bike and electric cars.

In Finland, most energy is used for necessities like heating and ventilation. Electricity consumption can be reduced by switching off lights and computers at the end of the day. Genesta makes saving easier by providing its premises with LED lights, smart lighting control, and accurate consumption reports on digital information screens in each of the offices. 
Most of Genesta's properties are being certified according to the LEED or BREEAM systems. The Genesta Green Lease contract supports commitment to the ISO 14001 environmental system and provides concrete content about sustainability efforts to communicate to the various stakeholder groups. It is a tool that increases interaction between the leasing company and tenants and advances energy efficiency. Based on an explicit template, the contract is easy to write and follow. The lease includes the metering and reporting of energy consumption and two target-setting meetings per year.
The renovation of the Fabianinkatu 9 property including digital information screens, bike repair racks, and electric car charging is estimated to be completed during 2018. 

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Interviewee: Lauri Tähtinen, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Ramboll Finland
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