Nosto's New Offices at Bulevardi 21 are Like a Second Home to the Staff

Wednesday 12.10.2016

Genesta on the 8th floor of the Bulevardi 21 property in Helsinki. Founder of Nosto Juha Valvanne evaluated the location with his staff placing great importance on the functionality and feeling of their business premises. 

Nosto is a truly international work community that currently employees 80 persons in Finland and around the world. Since the staff spends plenty of time at work, they expect the offices to feel like home. They need various spatial solutions from relaxed workspaces to ad hoc zones and workshop rooms.

"Since we are a Finnish company by origin, we want to express Finnishness in our interiors," says Valvanne. "This means that wood, greens, and natural light are important elements. Bulevardi 21 offers homeliness with an industrial twist that suits us and allows us to organize events of any scale from customer meetings to technology conventions. Obviously we also meet among our staff to share information and learn from each other." 

The premises are still in planning. Genesta aims to meet Nosto's need to create a global yet Finnish and Helsinki-based atmosphere, says Investment Manager Laura Kemppinen. Nosto's name will be presented as a lifting element. In addition, the end result will include something green and something surprising, perhaps to do with the amount of data that Nosto manages in its daily operations.

About Nosto

The company's mission is to make online shopping more enjoyable by delivering personalized shopping experiences. Tens of thousands of online retailers across the globe use Nosto to recommend highly relevant products to their customers in real-time across their entire shopping journey. Nosto was founded in 2011 by Juha Valvanne, Antti Pöyhönen and Jani Luostarinen − three Finns who came together with a shared vision. For more information, please visit