Managing a Property in the Best Location is a Great Job

Tuesday 21.06.2016

A point more focal is hard to find in Helsinki. Mika’s office provides a magnificent view over the busy Mannerheim square, his work location at Antinkatu 1, and the whole western side of the city.

Property Manager Mika Mikkola has an office with a view, to say the least, in the very center of the capital city of Finland. It is hard to find a location more central in Helsinki. Newsec’s office on the 9th floor of the main post office building provides a direct view to the Kamppi district where Mika’s work site, a business property at Antinkatu 1, is located. The property is just two blocks away from his office. Mika has been managing Antinkatu 1 since 2015 when Genesta acquired the property.

“Antinkatu 1 is a location full of tradition and history,” Mika Mikkola says. “Completed in 1952 to serve as the print house for the Finnish government, it is extremely solid in structure and in a good condition by any other standard, too. I never need to worry whether the floors are solid enough when tenants ask about load-bearing capacity. The premises can be used flexibly to house a heavy safe, for example. What I also like is that the facade has been kept in its original, solemn state.”

Mika enjoys his work in a prime location in the center of Helsinki. Genesta Nordic Real Estate II fund bought the Antinkatu 1 property from Senate Properties in December 2015. Now the premises are swiftly being renovated for new, more versatile use. One of the perks of the job is good cooperation between his employer Newsec and property owner Genesta. Smooth practices and nearby location make daily operations easier for both parties.

Property manager’s daily tasks never end

“My job description as property manager includes various tasks,” says Mika Mikkola. “I approve invoices, monitor building services, such as cleaning and maintenance, I supervise, and I communicate with both partners and tenants by phone, email, or by attending meetings. There are people whom I never see face-to-face, and then there are many who consider it best to talk things through over a cup of coffee.”

“The tenants come up with various questions. They have wishes concerning the use of premises and questions about practicalities and making changes. We thrive to implement all wishes in one way or another. One could say that property manager takes care of everything else except contract-related matters. Some problems take more time to solve than others.”

In practice, Mika Mikkola is completely dedicated to managing Genesta’s property. Keeping in contact with Genesta is an important part of his work.

“The best sides of my work are independence and responsibility, as agreed with the client, of course. We have regular meetings with Genesta to decide on the framework, ideas, and whether to implement changes immediately or to budget them for later.

These meetings ensure that everybody can keep track of our progress. At Newsec, Genesta is provided by a team of four that takes care of all daily services requires by the client, such as financial management, lease administration, accounting, and supervision of maintenance and repairs, of which Mika is responsible.

“It is Genesta’s wish to have a tight service relationship, and this has actualized to the point that we all feel like we are employed in the same company,” Mika says. “In cooperation we can make everything work.”

Newsec is a strong specialist of property management, particularly in the capital area. Based in Sweden, Newsec has grown during its cooperation with Genesta to an organization of circa 200 professionals, providing its clients with all the necessary services related to property ownership. Genesta’s operations are a good match with the service idea of Newsec. The companies share the benefit of joint partners in all the Nordic as well as some Baltic countries.

Reliable partners are like cherries on top of the property cake

What else is involved in a typical day of a property manager?

“I see to partners taking care of agreed work in schedule, and I inform the tenants,” Mika Mikkola says. “I also manage our partners service agreements and work orders. One of our most important partners is Are Oy that is in charge of property maintenance. They are able to offer all related services as a one-stop-shop. The caretaker at Antinkatu 1, Erkki Kuisma, is an indispensable link to the property. SOL provides us with basic cleaning and flexibly takes care of additional orders, such as cleaning the street or windows after weekends or holidays. When necessary, they clear the hallways, staircases and elevators so that our tenants’ operations do not suffer from ongoing repairs.

How does one end up a property manager? Does the job require particular characteristics?