Love at First Sight

Wednesday 29.11.2017

Fraktio, a creator of web services and mobile applications, has found its home on the top floor at Antinkatu. The employees of Fraktio, which moved into the space in the beginning of November, visited 30–40 spaces before choosing Antinkatu.

“Sometimes you walk into a space and just know it’s the right one,” says Jesse Peurala, CEO of Fraktio.

Before choosing a new workspace, Fraktio’s staff made a pretty long list of things they wanted out of the new space. Important priorities for the folks at Fraktio included a central location and multi-use spaces, meaning enough open workspace, space for work in teams and rooms for larger meetings and presentations.

“Our old office had a sauna, so we wanted one here as well. Luckily, the renovation of the space was just getting started, and we were able to get almost everything on our wishlist,” Peurala says.

Design studio Franz’s Markus Viiperi, who designed the interior, says the office was already well equipped for various functions. The open-plan space is located in the middle of the office, and there is a meeting area at one end. A suitable number of phone booths and meeting rooms were built directly adjacent to the open-plan space.

An important part of the Fraktio brand

CEO Jesse Peurala views the workspace as an important part of the Fraktio brand. Keeping with the spirit of the company, all employees were involved in designing the workspace. According to Peurala, it was important to make sure all employees felt that the space belonged to them.

Fraktio’s trademark colour, red, shows up here and there in the decor. According to Markus Viiperi, however, the brand can best be seen in the overall space, which is laid-back, cosy and warm, just like the company. In addition to the brand’s influence, the space was also designed with the building’s spirit and long history in mind.

“Our people are very proud of the new workspace. Our staff are excited that the company now has such a great space in such a central location,” says Jesse Peurala.

For further information, please contact:
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