Tenant story with

Etti Salomonsen
Company name:
Head Chef in the corporate canteen
Tenant in:
DMG15 , Norway
Tenant since:

Three things I like about

  1. The dialogue and interaction with all the nice people I meet at work every day.
  2. The food concept, which allows me to be creative.
  3. The working hours and the location. 

The restaurant in DMG15

It’s 11 o’clock and the first lunch guests have arrived at the canteen at DMG15. They browse the daily menu, pick up a tray and look around in the restaurant.

There’s a wide variety of choices. Some head over to the bread, while others head to the buffet with salads and soup. However, the majority go straight for the braised flat beef, steaming potato mash and baked beef tomatoes wafting aromas of olive oil and garlic. Etti Salomonsen, Head Chef at DMG15, has a strong opinion of what people that work in DMG15 should have for lunch every day:

All the food is made from scratch; the meat is with neither salt or water added, and there are always plenty of vegetables. I try to get hold of as many ecological products as possible, she says.

In a way, there is a bit of luck having a head chef with 25 years of experience from gourmet restaurants and hotels in their corporate restaurant. The raw products are of good quality, the food is healthy and tastes delicious. This also shows when it comes to the low food wastage. Each week, Etti and her colleagues, calculate how much food is thrown away and the restaurant has the lowest food wastage figures in the entire Sodexo-group. Etti really loves her job:

I get to use my creativity and knowledge. The best thing is probably planning the weekly menus, putting together different tastes and combinations is also one of my strengths.

The menus are varied and in the three years Etti has run the restaurant they have served around 200 different dishes.

In the beginning, it was almost only bread and spread. But today, three years since, all our guests eat hot food, or maybe salad for lunch, she says.

What’s the most popular dish at DMG15?
Without a doubt, braised beef cheeks in Ægir beer, served with potato mash and vegetables.

Facts: Canteen restaurant in DMG15
The amount of lunch guests per day:
160-180 people

The amount of food cooked and made per day:
18-20 kilo fish or meat
14 kilo vegetables.
10-15 kilo potato/rice/pasta.
4 loafs of bread. 

How much is thrown per person per day:
9 grams – which is the lowest number in the entire group.