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Get to Work by Bicycle

Right outside DMG 15 you will find Oslos city bicycles for rent. You can rent the bicycles anytime you want, as well as leaving them at the city bicycles parking facilities around the city. In the basement you will get access to a bicycle parking for your own bicycle.

Friday 21.10.2016

Get in Shape with your Own Court

We have training facilities in all of our buildings for one good reason. Research shows that the sick leave decreases with a good and varied exercise offer connected to the workplace. 

Friday 21.10.2016

Refill in-House

Our in-house company restaurant has an enjoyable environment, and its own patio. The restaurant will be upgraded, and it will be part of the new and inviting lobby. This is the perfect spot for your company event or your presentation. 

Friday 21.10.2016